Alienware Gaming Laptops

Available from: Dell

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OK they aren't pink, but when they are this good who cares? Alienware gaming laptops are among the absolute best gaming laptops you can buy today. Just like a caged beast, they are just waiting to be unleashed. Their stunning looks and almost biblical performance means they will make minced-meat of even the most demanding of games. If your FPS is more important than breathing, these are the laptops for you!

Packed full of components that will make your jaw drop, Alienwares are also quite user friendly and are just as happy playing DVDs and plotting spreadsheets as they are munching graphics. If you're still hung up on the fact they aren't pink, fear not as Alienwares come in "nebula red" which is all but there! Anyway you'll be so elated and preoccupied with the amazing performance that even black could look pink- Alienwares definitely mess with reality.

Still looking for a reason to justify buying an Alienware? Well you should probably know that even top graphics designers and music producers harness the hardcore power into their jobs; sometimes processing power is all important. Besides, who says work and play can't be on the same machine?

Alienware M11x Netbook

Available from: Dell

The Alienware M11x is without doubt the most powerful netbook money can buy. How they have managed to get some of the best components into such a small shell is simply a mystery. The basic configuration includes 2GB of DDR3 RAM, an Intel Dual Core processor and Nvidia Geforce 335M graphics card, but this is easily upgradable to astronomical specs such as 8GB of RAM or Intel's latest i7 processor. Gamers should flock to this baby, especially if you're always on the go- don't let the beastly performance put you off, it's actually a really portable and user friendly netbook. It's also great for high end users, or anyone that wants to have a bit of fun! The M11x comes in silver or black, but you won't be paying much attention to the colours when you see the draw dropping visuals! You'll also be pleased to hear it features 5.1 surround sound and an incredibly cool backlit keyboard. No netbook ever looked so stunning!

Tech Specs:

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 1.30 GHz to Intel Core i7 640UM 1.20Ghz

RAM: 2048MB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM to 8192MB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Hard Disc: 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA to 500GB 7200 rpm SATA or 250GB Solid State

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 335M 1GB

Optical Drive: DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)

Sound: Internal High-Definition 5.1 Surround Sound

Alienware M15x Laptop

Available from: Dell

The Alienware M15x is the best of the best when it comes to 15" laptops. It has enough power to send a rocket into orbit and graphics of such quality they are almost real- and that's just the basic spec! You're looking at a machine that maxes out 8GB of RAM, makes minced meat of Intel's i7 processor and doesn't flinch at ATI's 1GB HD5730; that's the top end spec, and if you need more, consider a military super computer. With 5.1 surround sound, a backlit keyboard and an HD screen, the M15x is at its best when dominating games, playing DVDs and it can also do mundane tasks like messing around with spreadsheets (much to its annoyance!). It's available in red, silver or black and is just like a living, breathing thing, crouched and ready to attack. So if you're a hardcore gamer or heavy high end user, or just want to see jaws drop wherever you go, prepare to unleash the beast!

Tech Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i3-330M 2.13 Ghz to Intel Core i7 940XM 2.13Ghz

RAM: 3072MB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM to 8192MB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

Hard Disc: 160 GB 7200 rpm SATA to 500GB 7200 rpm SATA or 250GB Solid State

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT240M 512MB to 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5730

Optical Drive: DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)

Sound: Internal High-Definition 5.1 Surround Sound

Alienware M17x Laptop

Available from: Dell

The Alienware M17x is simply the big daddy, no arguments. Not only does it look out of this world, the performance it delivers is out of control. Available in red, black or silver, the M17x features a base spec that includes the new Intel i5 processor, 2GB of RAM and a beastly 1GB ATI graphics card. Before you read any further, just remember the previously mentioned spec is amazing and would do most brands proud. The upgrades on the M17x however are just colossal and plain insane! Alienware will happily throw the latest Intel i7 processor your way, as well as 8GB of RAM and DUAL ATI graphics cards (yes, 2!). What this means is that you'll have more power than an atom bomb and will be able to dominate any game that comes your way; you'd be forgiven for thinking you were actually there in real life. Ever seen Avatar? The graphics are that real! Like all the other Alienware laptops, the M17x is also great for heavy users and it's quite a sensible solution if you think about it carefully. Alternatively keep it at face value and game like there's no tomorrow!

Tech Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i5 520UM 1.06Ghz to Intel Core i7 940XM 2.13Ghz

RAM: 2048MB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM to 8192MB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

Hard Disc: 160 GB 7200 rpm SATA to 500GB 7200 rpm SATA or 250GB Solid State

Graphics Card: 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5870 to DUAL 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4870

Optical Drive: DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)

Sound: Internal High-Definition 5.1 Surround Sound

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Alienware gaming laptops are the gold standard and can't be beaten. Epic is an understatement!