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Best Laptop Websites

Finding the best laptop for you can sometimes be tricky, but these websites make it much easier. With the Pink Laptop seal of approval, you'll always bag a bargain!

Dell Laptops

Dell makes some of the best laptops around. Whatever your computing needs are, there's something for you here!

PC World

PC World has an awesome selection of laptops and netbooks at excellent prices. A bargain is always on the cards!

Sony Vaio Laptops

Sony laptops are among the most stylish around. Armed with a VAIO, anything is possible!

Currys Notebooks

Currys stock some fantastic netbooks and notebooks. Pink ones especially are widely available!


Comet is renowned for cheap electricals, and you its selection of laptops are no different!

Dixons Laptops

Dixons have an array of cheap laptops, with pink ones being hugely popular!

HP Laptops

HP notebooks are renowned for being some of the most stylish, well made and user friendly!


Amazon has one of the largest, cheapest and best selections of pink laptops online! is among the most popular places to buy a notebook computer in the UK. It's full of value laptops and great deals! has everything from pink netbooks to computer accessories and so much more!


Pixmania is the place to go for some of the best cheap laptops arond!


Alienware gaming laptops are the gold standard and can't be beaten. Epic is an understatement!