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Pink Laptop Buying Guide: How To Choose Your Laptop

When it comes to buying a notebook, whether it's a pink laptop or netbook, there's a whole lot of techie language that can make your decision difficult. What does RAM mean? What kind of screen is best? Is Windows 7 any good? Well if you read our guide, all will become clear and you'll know exactly what you're talking about!


When you hear talk about the "memory" of a computer, it refers to the RAM. Strictly speaking the more RAM you put in a computer, the faster it will run; you will be able to run more powerful programmes and have more programmes open at once. The amount of RAM available in a computer obviously differs with price, but a standard amount is 3 gigabytes- this will give you solid performance for everyday tasks. In terms of RAM frequencies (the speed of the RAM), the higher the number the better, so 1333 mhz will be much better than 800 mhz. Finally the type of RAM makes a big difference, with DDR2 RAM being a solid benchmark. For those looking for the Rolls Royce of RAM, DDR 3 RAM is certainly the way to go!

Hard Disc

The hard disc is all about how much you can store on a computer- once again the higher the number the more you can store, but the higher the price! These days you can buy terabytes of storage space, but a great recommended amount is 160 gigabytes. Hard discs run at different speeds with 5400 rpm being a standard speed. Gamers or computing professionals will be better off with a 7200 rpm or even 10000 rpm.


The processor is the powerhouse of a computer, and there are a huge variety of different options. The best manufacturers include Intel and AMD, and processor technology is frightfully advanced. Popular processors include the Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Celeron, Intel Atom, AMD Sempron, and AMD Dual Core. In terms of processor speed, you can generally assume the higher the number the faster the processor, so a 2.5 gigahertz process will be faster than a 1.8 ghz one. However with higher speeds comes more heat, so for laptop computers this is something to think about. The Intel I3, I5 and I7 processors are ideal as they have the performance without the heat, so you can work on your laptop without getting too hot!

Graphics Card

The graphics card displays stuff on the screen, and can be a highly important part of the computer depending on what you're going to do. For gamers, a powerful card such as an ATI or Nvidia is ideal and will give you impressive quality. A general rule to remember is the more powerful the card (more RAM) the better the graphics. If you don't to play games and are more about general tasks such as surfing the net or using a word processor, an "integrated" graphics card will do you just fine.

Screen/ Monitor

These days laptop screens are pretty high quality and look great. From High Definition screens to LED technology, it's unlikely you'll find one that's poor. The brightness of a screen can be an important factor, so look for the brightest you can find as they look much better quality. In terms of sizes available, the standard size laptop screen is 15.6", with 17" versions available. If you're after a really portable laptop, consider a netbook with a 10" or 13" screen.

Operating System The operating system (or OS) is the interface between you and computer. These days it's all about Windows 7, the latest offering from Microsoft. You'll find most laptops come with this installed for you, however older models could still use Windows Vista or Windows XP which run very well, but may require an upgrade. Apple computers use their own OS, the latest version being "Snow Leopard". If you're looking for a laptop for everyday functions, Windows 7 will be your best bet.


From the number of USB ports to the type of disc drives (DVD ROM, DVD WR) the functionality of a laptop can make or break it. Most come with similar specs including the former devices, but other features to look out for include Blutooth, Infrared, Firewire, SD card readers and HDMI connectors. Basically the more stuff the better, but the decision is up to you!

What make is best?

This is down to personal preference as there are hundreds of different factors that can influence a decision. From the colour (pink is best!) to the way a laptop looks, everyone is different. Popular manufacturers include Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung and Apple. Aside from Apple which runs a different OS, most makes are mostly the same, so it comes down to what you like the look of!

Laptop or Desktop?

A common question asked by people in the market for a new computer is why should i buy a laptop over a desktop? Well we're here to tell you why a laptop is absolutely the right way to go!

Firstly and most importantly a laptop offers the freedom to move anywhere- true mobile computing. Simply charge the battery and you're good to go. If you're a busy business person who frequently travels, a student attending lectures or the library, or just want to move around your house, a laptop offers you true mobility.

Due to the mobile nature of a laptop, they often have more features than a desktop such as Blutooth, wireless technology and more USB ports to allow ease of work in most envirionments- basically this means you'll get more bang for your buck. Unless you're a hardcore gamer who only cares about performance, in which case you should choose a desktop, you'll find the functionality of a notebook computer truely special.

Even though desktops are easily customisable with different styles of case, you can really personalise a laptop with your own lid design. Possibly the most popular design is a pink laptop, however some manufacturers like Dell offer some pretty striking styles. In short, laptops are just cooler!

The common misconception of laptops being weaker than desktops is just untrue. Infact you'll find a laptop will outlive a desktop my many years due to the reinforced products used to accommodate constant movement. Taking care of your laptop will only increase its lifespan and bring you more enjoyment.

So a laptop is clearly the way to go if you're after a new computer. Just make sure it's a pink laptop!

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HP Laptops

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Amazon has one of the largest, cheapest and best selections of pink laptops online! is among the most popular places to buy a notebook computer in the UK. It's full of value laptops and great deals! has everything from pink netbooks to computer accessories and so much more!


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Alienware gaming laptops are the gold standard and can't be beaten. Epic is an understatement!