Laptop Care & Maintenance Tips

Keeping your laptop in a good condition is essential if you want it to work correctly all the time. There are some really simple things you can do in terms of laptop maintenace that will keep your notebook in good nick. Keep reading to find out!

Keep liquids away from your laptop. Gotta have a drink? Well do it elsewhere. If you spill any on the laptop, it's pretty much going to die as water and electricity doesn't mix! If you do happen to have an accident and spill some, mop it up right away with a paper towel, soaking up the liquid should help to minimise any damage.

Make sure you clean off any dust from your notebook; it's almost as destructive as liquid. Dust can get into fans and vents and reap damange upon internal components. Use a special dust sensitive cloth to attract any dust and dirt. Clean surfaces equal good performance!

Don't close the lid of your laptop too hard as this can cause some serious damage to the screen. If you think how thin they are, any unecessary bangs can cause cracks and possibly even dislodge the screen. Make sure you keep the screen clean however.

DVD drives are quite flimsy so take care when opening and closing them. If you feel any opposing force from the drive, take it easy and don't force it. Can't get that DVD in? Well better not to watch it and save the drive than push it too hard and cause it to break.

Don't mash the keyboard as laptop keys are notoriously easy to break. Keys are made for tapping not bashing. If you do happen to dislodge a key or two, take care when reattaching them as the joints can be very delicate. Generally it's a straightforward clip in exercise, but this doesn't mean it won't be frustrating!

You should ensure to keep a good airflow to the underside of the notebook so internal parts don't overheat. If you like to sit with the notebook on your knee, try putting it on a tray or book. This will keep your lap from getting too hot and give the underside enough air to cool.

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