Laptop Software Maintenance Tips

These days you've got to be totally secure when using your laptop. Being plugged in and online is all well and good, but let's be realistic- there's always someone out to get you. Whether it's financial details, social information or corporate information, online theft and fraud is unfortunately too common. But that's not to say you cant enjoy the internet and computing, just be secure. Here's what you need to know to be safe.

Firstly a good virus protection is essential. Whether you use well known software such as Norton Antivirus or McAffee, or an open source version, anything is better than nothing. Of course the big boys like Norton invest billions each year researching viruses, so you can be pretty sure you'll be safe.

Another good thing to have is anti spyware software such as Spybot or Adaware. Antivirus software will generally have something like this included, but the best advice is to have both. Spyware can be found on many websites, so if the site looks dodgy get out of there!

You should update your operating system regularly. Windows 7 includes a fantastic update procedure and they are always looking for ways to improve security. Apple also have some good security features on their OSX systems. The more regularly you update your OS, the safer you'll be, end of story.

Be sensible when visiting websites. If it looks dodgy, close it immediately. You can be pretty sure big sites like Dell and Amazion will be safe as it's in their interest to have good security. These days most internet browsers have some form of notice if you visit a potentially dangerous site.

To keep your laptop running smoothly, you should aim to defragment the hard disk at least once every 2 weeks. This will put everything in the right place and keep things organised. Removing unused programmes can also help keep your laptop running smoothly.

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