Where To Buy A Pink Laptop Online

There are loads of places to buy pink laptops online, from big manufacturers to smaller companies. We're here to point you in the right direction and make sure you get the best possible deals. With that in mind, check out the following places and get yourself a fantastic laptop!

PC World

PC World are the biggest retailer of computers in the UK. With a massive selection of pretty much every make and model of computer you can think of, you'll find the prices are also very reasonable. Free delivery comes with most online orders or you can simply go and pick it up in store. We really aren't kidding when we say they have a phenomenal amount of gear- everything from anti virus software to external hard discs. If you're looking for a great deal on a pink laptop, make PC World your first stop!

Dell Computers

Dell are one of the best places to buy a laptop. Not only are they one of the world's biggest manufacturers, they have some really great products with awesome weekly deals. Most Dell laptops are available in a range of colours, with pink being hugely popular. From value laptops to portable netbooks and performance gaming laptops, Dell offer the whole range so you'll definitely find the right one. With fully customisable specs and great protective warrenties, you can be totally sure you're getting the right thing and that it's protected. Dell certainly appeal to a wide audience such as students, gamers, professionals and families. Whoever you are, and whatever your needs, join the pink laptop party at Dell!

Sony Style UK

Sony are definitely one of the big boys when it comes to laptops. Their VAIOs are world famous for stunning designs, high performance and cutting edge technology. Sony Vaios are among the best of the best, and you'll be the envy of all your friends. Available in a wide range of models from netbooks to notebooks, they also come in pink! While you definitely pay for quality, there are some awesome deals to be had in the Vaio Clearence department. There's only one word to describe a Sony Vaio: perfection!


One of the largest retailers of electronics in Britain, Currys have a great range of computers. From desktops to laptops and netbooks, prices at Currys are very good and they offer free delivery on most products. With frequent sales and great discounts, you can't go wrong buying from these guys. Ordering online and picking up in store is good if you don't want to wait for a delivery, so you can get that pink laptop sooner than you think!


Amazon are the world's largest online store, stocking hundreds of thousands of products. They are a household name because they are the best, end of story. With a secure payment system and excellent delivery, you can be confident of security and safe delivery. Amazon stock more laptops that you can imagine, from laptops to netbooks and performance notebooks and their pink laptop selection is one of the best. We've got our own Amazon store here at Pink Laptop, with all their best pink laptops in one place. This means you won't have to spend hours searching for what you want. Amazon will cater to your needs, so head over there pronto and get shipping!


Comet are a fantastic electrical retailer and have a huge selection of products. While people would associate them more with TVs and fridges, Comet actually have a fantastic range of laptops and computers. With low prices and regular online deals, it's really easy to walk away with a bargain. Free delivery on most items is another benefit, so you really can keep your spending to a minimum. If you're looking for a pink laptop bargain, make Comet your first port of call!


Everyone knows about Play.com; they are one of the biggest online retailers in the world, after Amazon of course. With a truly magnificent range of electrical products and pretty much everything else, Play.com has become known as the place to go for a good deal. With an epic selection of laptops, peripherals and accessories, you'll struggle to find something you don't like. If pink is your colour, get yourself to Play ASAP!

HP Computers

Up there with Dell and Sony, HP is one of the big 3 manufacturers. Offering an Aladdin's cave of products, HP certainly know how to mix performance and style. Their laptops are simply works of art and are available in a pallate of colours. Buying from HP is really easy thanks to their secure payment system, and the good delivery options means your purchase will be there on time. From netbooks to laptops, HP know what people want, and the simple, uncompromising approach to computing is actually a lot of fun!


Dabs.com is one of the largest electonics retailers in the UK. They have a great range of laptops and netbooks at some really great prices. With frequent discounts and deals, there's always a bargain to be had. They stock a good selection of pink accessories to go with a pink laptop and make buying online very easy indeed.

Best Laptop Websites

Finding the best laptop for you can sometimes be tricky, but these websites make it much easier. With the Pink Laptop seal of approval, you'll always bag a bargain!

Dell Laptops

Dell makes some of the best laptops around. Whatever your computing needs are, there's something for you here!

PC World

PC World has an awesome selection of laptops and netbooks at excellent prices. A bargain is always on the cards!

Sony Vaio Laptops

Sony laptops are among the most stylish around. Armed with a VAIO, anything is possible!

Currys Notebooks

Currys stock some fantastic netbooks and notebooks. Pink ones especially are widely available!


Comet is renowned for cheap electricals, and you its selection of laptops are no different!

Dixons Laptops

Dixons have an array of cheap laptops, with pink ones being hugely popular!

HP Laptops

HP notebooks are renowned for being some of the most stylish, well made and user friendly!


Amazon has one of the largest, cheapest and best selections of pink laptops online!


Dabs.com is among the most popular places to buy a notebook computer in the UK. It's full of value laptops and great deals!


Play.com has everything from pink netbooks to computer accessories and so much more!


Pixmania is the place to go for some of the best cheap laptops arond!


Alienware gaming laptops are the gold standard and can't be beaten. Epic is an understatement!